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The 46th Annual OSWCA Conference held in Panama this past February was a valuable experience for everyone who attended. It provided an opportunity to network with members of our association that we would generally not have a chance to personally interact with in the course of our day-to-day business. One-on-one conversations could be had in a relaxed, casual environment making it very conducive to building lasting relationships and cross-business synergies that are extremely important in today’s business climate. The informative seminars held, gave me a unique opportunity to understand some of the challenges facing my customers today, from COR certification to infrastructure sustainability. I also gained valuable insight into our association’s vision moving forward. I would urge our members to take advantage of these conferences for the wealth of information they provide as well as supporting the association that does so much on our behalf.
Account Manager, Waterworks
Every year, Clearway attends the OSWCA Conference knowing that it is the industry event where we can accomplish multiple goals in a span of four days. It helps us stay current on issues related to industry trends, government relations and environmental standards and the seminars explore new innovative techniques and technologies that can be implemented on projects. But most importantly, it is the perfect venue to stay connected, reconnect, and establish new relationships with key industry people. The “get to know you” mixers and team building activities create the fun and relaxed environment which leads to opportunities for future business and success. We have a blast every year.
President, Clearway Construction Inc.
Our company has attended the last 22 conferences that the OSWCA has held and to this date we have never returned from a conference without saying we had learned something from a presenter, a supplier or a competitor. If you attend with the mindset that it is going to be a party, it will be. But we attend for more than that. We attend to learn from others and give back to an industry that has given much to many. At a conference, like other attendees, we learn what our OSWCA has done for us in the past year for its members. The board and staff work hard to give and get our members such things as lien act reviews, the Clean Water Drinking Act, one-call legislation, excess soils issues and provincial long-term infrastructure funding. But I would say the greatest thing about the OSWCA conference is the networking, during which everyone has time to discuss industry issues and brainstorm with each other to make the sewer and watermain industry even better than it was last year.
CEO, Birnam Excavating Ltd.
The OSWCA Annual Conference is the one event that those in the sewer and waterman sector don’t want to miss.From the educational content to the networking aspect, this conference offers something for every member. The focus is always on our members’ interests.
Vice President, Sierra Group of Companies
I am very much looking forward to the 2018 Convention in Niagara Falls. It will be my 42nd convention — in a row! Not only is it a good opportunity to spend time with old friends but form new relationships as well. We at Toromont Cat are proud to support the OSWCA. We understand the commitment of the association and the work that’s involved in addressing ongoing challenges in our province ie. clean water, dealing with governmental issues, environment, safety, pay assurance, education, and replacing our aging workforce. I strongly believe that we should all do our best to attend our conference to show our support and have some fun at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the 2018 convention.
Key Account Manager, Toromont Cat

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